Combined effort saves injured puppy

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By Linda Graves

Sometimes a day starts out bad and things can look pretty grim. That is how the day started out for a little bulldog puppy found injured in a ditch in Webster. Unable to move and in pain, the puppy lay there awaiting her fate. But with a change of luck, fate smiled down on the puppy when two good Samaritans stopped to help.
While driving, Ray and Cyn Landry happened to see a little animal off the side of a road, struggling to lift its head. Stopping to see if there was a problem, they were shocked to find a beautiful puppy lying in a ditch, hot and bleeding. The puppy could barely move and was lying on an ant hill and barb wire fencing. Staying with the puppy and never leaving her side, the Landry’s called Sumter County Animal Services for assistance.
When Animal Control Officer Anthony Stravino arrived, he saw a collar on the puppy, and called in to report the injury to Kennel Coordinator Tammy Belancin. Belacin explains that if an animal is found injured and wearing a collar, Animal Services will take the animal to a veterinarian to be evaluated.
Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Landry continued to call Animal Services to check on the puppy’s condition and to let them know they wanted to adopt her. “We knew the minute we saw her we wanted to take her home with us, but were afraid to move her because of her injuries.”
Dr. Yates’ evaluation concluded that the puppy had a broken leg. “I knew that the Landrys were serious about adopting this puppy,” states Belancin, “because they called throughout the day to check on her condition.” Knowing that the puppy’s future medical needs would be taken care of by the Landrys, Belancin was sure the adoption would be a success. After the leg was set, the puppy was brought back to the Animal Services facility, where Belacin, Stravino, and the other Animal Service associates monitored and helped in the care of the injured puppy’s recovery.
Anxious to adopt their new puppy, the Landry’s were up early the next day, waiting at the Animal Services facility for it to open.
Now safe and cared for in her new home, the little puppy has been named Thumper, because “she thumps around the house in her cast” laughs Mrs. Landry. We are told that Thumper is doing great and is a very sweet little girl.
A little puppy’s determination and will to survive, along with two good Samaritans who cared enough to stop and help, and the efforts put forth by dedicated Animal Services employees Tammy Belancin and Anthony Stravino to help save a life, has turned a grim day in the life of a little puppy into a very happy ending. Because of all of these caring people, little Thumper has a bright and happy future with a family that will care for her injuries, and nurture and love her.