Critter chatter

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Mrs. Jemison remembered

After returning from a trip out of town, I sat down to read the Sumter County Times and get caught up on the two weeks of news I missed. I was surprised and saddened to read of the passing of Ms. Jemison, a friend who shared her love of animals with me,
I met Mrs. Jemison through my Critter Chatter column. She was an avid reader of the column, and would call me or stop by my place of business to chat about many animal issues that concerned her.
One day she stopped by after reading an article about Luigi, our amputee donkey. She was so fascinated at the thought of a donkey wearing a prosthetic leg, and asked me if she could meet him. That afternoon, Mrs. Jemison visited our small farm and met not only Luigi, but our other farm animals too.
Mrs. Jemison was always finely dressed, yet there she was, walking around the pasture with a donkey, a mule, a horse, and several goats. And with a big smile on her face, she would great each one, and gently speak to each animal.
Many times after that, I would speak to Mrs. Jemison on the phone or chat with her in the stores. She was a classy lady with a wonderful sense of humor, and a warm heart for animals. I will miss her very much.
Through our shared love of nature and animals, we connect with special people who share a common interest with us, and friendships form. Over the years I have been privileged to meet many good people who share the same love of animals that I have. We all understand how our pets enrich our lives, and we appreciate the beauty of all the wildlife that surrounds us.
Mrs. Jemison reached out and connected with people. She was a woman of faith with a love of life and respect for all living things.
She will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her and calling her friend.