Hanna Banana meets Kirby the pot belly pig

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By Linda Graves

Last Thursday night, we went to Lickity Splits in Bushnell to enjoy an ice cream and a classic car show. The DJ was great, and a fun time was had by all. I took Hanna Banana along with me, because she enjoys sniffing out local events.
Also at Lickity Splits was Kirby, the African Pygmy Pot Belly Pig. What a cutie! Kirby is a friendly and sociable little pig, and looked adorable wearing his red bow. His human, Cindi Perugino said he was 11 months old and weighed approximately 15 lbs.
My interest was peaked after meeting Kirby, so I went on line to learn a little bit more about African Pygmy Pot Belly Pigs. Although the information was limited, what I did learn was that they are highly intelligent and will bond quickly with their humans. An adult can average from 20 to 40 lbs.
The Perugino’s raise these adorable little pygmy pigs. Several of their pigs have been adopted in the Tampa area. Their owners get together for play dates at a local beach where all the little pigs enjoy swimming in the water. Yes – apparently they like to swim!
The Perugino’s are very willing to share their knowledge of African Pygmy Pot Bellies. I learned that they do not get fleas or tick, and require vaccinations.
As in all animals, their personalities vary, with Kirby being one of their sweetest and most sociable little pigs. That was apparent when Hanna Banana went up to meet a pig for the first time. Kirby was calm and interested, as was Hanna Banana.
It is fun to include our pets in local activities.
 It is important that our pets are always on leash, under control, and well socialized.
All the animals that attended the classic car show were just that, and it was a pleasure for all there. Yes, a fun time was had by all!