A joyful reunion

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Linda Graves

Desperate to find her dog, Teagan Harris put up flyers everywhere. She called friends and family. She called Animal Services. She kept searching.
Six months ago, Harris came home to find Belle’s collar lying in the driveway.  No one knows what really happened, but Harris believes someone took her dog from her fenced in yard and removed the dog’s collar.
“Belle is the best dog I ever had,” said Harris. “She is so friendly and very gentle with children.”
What a horrible feeling to discover that your dog is missing. Awful thoughts come to mind. Is she lost and can’t find her way home? Is she laying along side the road, injured or killed? Is someone being mean to her?
Imagine her surprise when Harris received a call after sixmonths, and the caller saying he may have her dog. Harris immediately went to the caller’s house. “It was very shocking to see Belle again. Belle was so excited and happy to see me.”
What Harris found out was that the caller recently purchased Belle from another person, who bought her from someone else. “They were going to use Belle for hunting, but when they saw how loving and tolerant she was with their baby, they decided to make her a house dog.” But Belle’s new owner wondered why something looked very familiar about the dog, and then he remembered the missing dog flyers that Harris had put out.  
Thanks to an honest man and his determination to contact Harris, Belle and Teagan are reunited.
Harris was thankful saying, “Belle looked great, they really took good care of her. I am so happy to have my dog back with me.”
Animal Services confirms that it is a fined offense to sell an animal without a health certificate. If you find a dog or cat, do not assume that it is a stray. Check with Animal Services, local veterinarians, and the local humane society to see if the animal has been reported missing. Look in local newpapers and watch for missing pet flyers.
You may have found someone’s beloved pet, and if so, you can create a happy ending by reuniting pet and owner together again.