Letters to the Editor - January 12, 2012

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Boys & Girls Clubs thank sponsors
Thanks to support from the community, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lake and Sumter counties provided a fun, safe place for 185 children to spend their time during the 2011 Holiday Break.
“We are so blessed to be supported by wonderful businesses and community members,” said Joni Smith, Chief Professional Officer.
Sponsors for the 2011 Holiday Break included:
Full Day Sponsors
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Braun, Mr. Larry Jimenez (STAR Distributing), The Carlyle Appellate Law Firm, Montverde Academy, Ms. Jamie Hanja, SunTrust, United Southern Bank (6 Full Days), Clermont Kiwanis Club and Leesburg Lions Club.
Half Day Sponsors
Clermont Kiwanis Club, Loving Kitchen, Mr. & Mrs. Doug and Donna Braun and Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Jeanne Hobson.
Lunch Sponsors
Oakwood Smokehouse, Chick-fil-A in The Villages, Ms. Pat Worden and BB&T – North Blvd.
Other contributors included: Ms. Carrie Rainey, Heart Sisters, Morris Realty & Investments, Kiley and Sons Plumbing, Mrs. Lee Ann Gilson, Clermont Women’s Club, and Dr. Forrest Jerkins DDS.
Special thanks go out to several supporters who went well above and beyond in helping to support the 2011 Holiday Break Program:
Hans Cay Jacobsen Foundation - $25,000 toward Holiday Break and Project Learn for 2012, Davita - $3,000, Church at South Lake – provided all lunches and snacks for South Lake Unit for the entire break, United Southern Bank – sponsored a day at each site, Oakwood Smokehouse – provided lunch for 4 sites, Publix Store #0815 – $250 gift card toward food expenses.
Boys and Girls Club

What Happened to the American Dream?
2012 will be one of the most important election years in the history of our country. We have accepted the pitiful performance of our political representatives far too long. Congress’ approval rate is now 10 percent. It is the most dysfunctional Congress since the civil war.
We cannot get them to balance the budget, we have a colossal debt, the economy is in the gutter, and the list just goes on. Projections show the gridlock is likely to continue after this election as the Senate will continue to be subject to filibuster. Only a House of Representatives that is willing to take a stand can force significant change.
The American people must step up to find and elect House representatives who will stand up for the country. We cannot afford to let the hoopla of a presidential election distract us. A new president and a few new seats in Congress is not enough. We need a complete overhaul and we can do that in 2012 through the grassroots efforts of GOOOH.  We need people now to help select a House candidate in their district.
This is it folks. If you do not engage, what comes next could be more painful than anything we have ever experienced. The time to act is now. Go to Goooh.com and join the process to ensure the future of yourself, your families, friends, children and grandchildren.
C.C. Rice
Texas City, TX
To all Republicans
To all Republicans in Sumter County who want to get involved in the political arena in this very important election year.
The Republican Club of Sumter County will meet on Thursday, Jan. 19, at the home of Roger and Joanna Jones at 7 p.m. and would like to invite those who are interested in participating in any of the campaigns or are just interested in learning more to come and bring friends.
Because Florida is an early Primary in the national scheme, we have a unique opportunity to influence the outcome of our party’s choice to oppose President Obama. Remember that the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day and it is a long time until August. One caucus does not determine the final outcome.
We will have as much information about candidate organizations and representatives as is available at the present time. For more information call 793-3895 or email bayleigh@embarqmail.com.
Roger Jones
President Republican Club of Sumter County