A special yard sale

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By Bob Reichman

Lyla Skipper is having a special yard sale.
The six-year-old isn’t doing it for the typical reason. She’s not keeping the proceeds.
Instead, the Bushnell Elementary School student wants to raise money to send to children in Japan, devastated by a recent earthquake and tsunami.
“My daughter came up with this idea from watching the news and seeing where the children and families lost everything,” said her mother Ericka. “It showed a bunch of children on the television and the next day she started talking about a yard sale.”
The youngster began asking family members and friends if they had anything to donate to the cause.
So far, she has two huge boxes of clothing and toys donated by a friend of Mrs. Skipper’s. Her grandmother has provided items for sale and “we have gone through the entire house and got stuff together,” Mrs. Skipper said.
The younger Skipper is also providing her own sale items.
She has packed up almost four garbage bags full of her old toys and clothes to sell, her mother said. “She said she can get new stuff some day, they needed money.”
The proceeds from the event will go directly to the Salvation Army and it will be forwarded to assist with Japan relief efforts.
The yard sale is Saturday, April 16, from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. at New Friends Child Daycare, at 920 N. Main St., in Bushnell.
“They have allowed us to set up there since it is on a main road and Lyla also goes to that daycare,” according to Mrs. Skipper. “We have signs up in the daycare taking any donations of items people would like to donate for us to sell at the yard sale and we will take cash donations of course.”
For additional information, contact Ericka Skipper 303-1853 or email countrygirlei@yahoo.com