Public Records

  • Police report

    Wednesday, Dec. 23

    Dameon Chance Knowles, 33, Lake Panasoffkee, arrested for battery.

    Kenneth Alan Krajewski, 44, The Villages, arrested for battery.

    Melissa Ann Moore, 34, Bushnell, arrested for traffic violation.

    Dontel Lappel Williams, 27, Wildwood, arrested on an out-of-county warrant.

    Thursday, Dec. 24

    Kimberley Marie Hembree, 43,Wildwood, arrested three counts of battery.

    Quentin Katrel Miller, 27, Wildwood, arrested for two counts probation violation.

  • Police report

    Friday, Dec. 11

    Krystle Lynn Beekman, 30, Bushnell, arrested for larceny.

    Derrick D. McBride, 32, Wildwood, arrested for criminal mischief, burglary, possession of burglary tools and larceny.

    Saturday, Dec. 12

    Milton Stacy Maddox, 54, Oxford, arrested for three counts aggravated assault with a weapon and three counts kidnapping or false imprisonment.

    Taje Christopher Wallace, 20, Wildwood, arrested for larceny.

    Sunday, Dec. 13

  • Police report

    Thursday, Nov. 26

    James Albert Jericho, 37, Webster, arrested for battery.

    Dustin Kenneth Lea, 32, Wildwood, arrested for possession of drugs, probation violation and withholding support.

    Jesse Lee Rook, 27, Webster, arrested for larceny and probation violation.

    Saturday, Nov. 28

    Jeremy Michael Romine, 27, Webster, arrested for traffic violation.

    Sunday, Nov. 29

    Morgan Nichole Petty, 31, Webster, arrested for possession of drug equipment and probation violation.

  • Police report

    Monday, Oct. 19

    Stevie Taylor Elizabet Baker, 25, Wildwood, arrested for trespassing, drug possession, destroying evidence, drug possession and smuggling contraband.

    Frances Corrine Hurston, 29, Center Hill, arrested for probation violation.

    Tuesday, Oct. 20

    Chanda Marlene Darnell, 38, Wildwood, arrested for probation violation.

    Christine Victoria Lovell Fender, 25, Bushnell, arrested for probation violation.

    Bobbi Jo Hudson, 34, Bushnell, arrested on out-of-county warrant.

  • Police report

    Monday, Oct. 12
    Chelsey Lee Hyde, 26, Wildwood, arrested for burglary.
    Eric Eugene Mobley, 21, Wildwood, arrested for probation violation.
    Toby Aaron Moreno, 34, Wildwood, arrested for probation violation, possession or use of drug equipment and two counts drug possession.
    William Eugene Smart, 61, Bushnell, arrested for battery.
    Tuesday, Oct. 13
    Erika Denise Gordon, 33, Wildwood, arrested for larceny.
    Winslow James Gordon, 29, Wildwood, arrested for two counts failure to appear.
    Wednesday, Oct. 14

  • Police report

    Tuesday, Oct. 6
    Andrew Ronald Thomas Butler, 25, Webster, arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana/
    Michael Aaron Conklin, 19, Oxford, arrested for probation violation.
    Luther Ray Crawford, 40, Sumterville, arrested for four counts fraud.
    Daniel Owen Farino, 32, Bushnell, arrested for driving with suspended license.
    Travis Smith, 50, Wildwood, arrested on out-of-county warrant.
    Alycia Courtney Steedley, 25, Bushnell, arrested for probation violation.

  • Police report

    Tuesday, Sept. 29

    William Michael Bohrer, 45, Bushnell, arrested for property damage.

    Matthew Legrand Branson, 41, Wildwood, arrested for driving while license suspended.

    Cherie Jean Davis, 29, Wildwood, arrested for aggravated assault and battery.

    Elisa Shay Johnson, 34, Bushnell, arrested for battery.

    Gina Michelle Ouellette, 23, Oxford, arrested out-of-county warrant.

    Michael Anthony Picciano, 54, Lake Panasoffkee, arrested for probation violation.

    Wednesday, Sept. 30

  • Police report

    Tuesday, Sept. 22
    Christopher Michael Matthews, 24, Lake Panasoffkee, arrested for driving with suspended or revoked license.
    Kenneth Darren Raulerson, 40, Bushnell, arrested for failure to appear, resisting and officer, possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine and possession or use of drug equipment.
    Wednesday, Sept. 23
    James Wesley Horton, 49, Wildwood, arrested for DUI.
    Brittany Lynne Lewis, 22, Wildwood, arrested for possession of drugs and possession or use of drug equipment.

  • Police report

    Monday, Sept. 14
    Joshua Dominique Avant, 25, Wildwood, arrested for trespassing.
    Christopher Joel Brooks, 31, Wildwood, arrested for aggravated battery.
    Carol Elizabeth Carr, 30, Bushnell, arrested for probation violation.
    Leonard James Everett III, 35, Webster, arrested for resisting and officer and destroying evidence.
    William Thomas Howard, 44, Bushnell, arrested for possession of ammunition or weapon by a convicted felon.
    Tuesday, Sept. 15
    Lois Ellen Deslam, 66, The Villages, arrested for DUI.

  • Police report

    Tuesday, Sept. 8
    Richard Alton Branch III, 33, Webster, arrested for probation violation.
    Brian David Brodeur, 59, Wildwood, arrested for larceny and resisting an officer.
    Frederick Walter Olson, 51, Webster, arrested out-of-county warrant.
    Wednesday, Sept. 9
    Jakirriya Lakiis Simpson, 23, Wildwood, arrested for failure to appear.
    Thursday, Sept. 10
    Dale Edward Clark Jr., 25, Lake Panasoffkee, arrested for possession of marijuana, probation violation and possession of drug equipment.