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  • From palms to sculptures

    Bushnell city leaders a few years ago visualized a downtown park with palms tree spread among paved walkways, a large fountain and gazebo in the core of the city. And, it was built. But there is a big problem – the palm trees are dying.

    While city officials have budgeted money to replace the dead palms with more durable trees, Bushnell resident and developer Hal Lyons has a rather different idea. Instead of replanting trees, he wants the city to use the open spaces for sculpture installations.

  • Flocking to the Farmers Market

    The volunteers who organize the Webster Cemetery Picnic weren’t about to let the inconvenience of a passing hurricane stop their annual fundraiser.
    Folks on Saturday flocked to the Sumter County Farmers Market for the traditional community event that’s put on to help raise funds for the upkeep of three Webster area cemeteries: Garden of Memories, Mt. Zion and Stuart Chapel.

  • Vehicle crash on Interstate 75 on Wednesday afternoon
  • Webster: Sheriff's office takes over

    Webster’s ages-old police department came to a somewhat sudden end last month as city leaders struggled to deal with the challenges of balancing their budget.  Sumter County Sheriff’s deputies are now patrolling the city.

  • Bushnell prepares for Fall Festival

    The Oxford Fall Festival will be held Saturday, Oct. 15.

  • 'I was still me'

    You have to know Amy Nowicki, to really appreciate her.
    If you know her, you’ll know and understand why the word “sunshine” comes to mind. Or, maybe you don’t have to know her - it really only takes a few seconds in a conversation with Amy to recognize who she is and what she does. Like so many other people who have come to know her, you’ll probably think “sunshine.” She’s the kind of person who always has a smile. She’s ready with a laugh and a bit of humor or a thoughtful word.
    Hard to imagine she can be so bright and cheery, when you consider where she’s been.

  • Groundbreaking for public safety centers

    On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the Sumter County Sheriff's Office along with the County Commission broke ground on the new Sumter County Public Safety centers.  

    The northern headquarters will be in The Villages (Wildwood), it will be approximately 45,811 square feet and two stories tall.  The center will house the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, Emergency Operations Center, fire, ambulance, EMS and the joint dispatch and emergency call centers.

  • News of Record posted Oct. 19, 2016

    To view the latest news of record posted to the Sumter County Times site, click the links.

  • Catch a Florida Memory

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) challenges you to Catch a Florida Memory and participate in any of three fun and exciting Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs, two of which are available for the first time starting today, Oct. 19.