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    Truth in sales of city property

    I’ve always believed that knowing where you come from is an important part of choosing your path forward. To that end, here’s some background on Bushnell Electric:

    Acquired from a private owner in 1919 for just $3000, Bushnell Electric has a long history of service to our community and the voters have repeatedly expressed their support for our electric system.

  • Difficult to change positions

    I learned a long time ago, that it is very difficult to change a person’s position in religion and or politics.

    The reason this is tough is because it involves one’s core beliefs, and your faith. 

    Therefore, (only as an example) if you, contrary to all the military experts in logistics, believe that anybody in Washington could have saved those four lives in Libya, then it is your core belief, and a matter of your ‘faith’ and therefore irreconcilable. 

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    SECO has, unfortunately, continued its steady drumbeat of misleading statements, innuendo, and false allegations against the City, our elected officials and staff.

    If the Bushnell Citizens aren’t outraged by now, they should be.  Here’s why:


    The Time

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    Thanks for article

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    Bushnell Electric update

    In October 2015, WHH Enterprises presented to the Bushnell City Council and the public the results of their study, titled “Franchise Purchase Option Analysis.” This presentation outlined several options for the future of Bushnell Electric and the future of the Bushnell community.

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    Opportunity of a Lifetime!

    Our Local Aviation Association, EAA Chapter1489 is offering their third bi-annual course introducing the local youth to opportunities in the aviation arena.
    It is set for Saturday, Feb. 20, at Flying W Air Ranch.  Friday, Feb. 12, is the registration deadline.
    We will offer career development, flight simulator, aircraft construction, safety, flight basics, flight over Bushnell, scholarships and a free lunch.
     Youth who are 8 years to the day before they turn 18 are eligible.  

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    Help was appreciated

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    Cautious with Christmas trees
    As the holiday season comes to a close, Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam encourages Floridians to dispose of Christmas trees safely. Dry limbs and needles from discarded Christmas trees can become an ignition source for fire if not properly cleared away from homes and natural areas.

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    Keeping children cyber safe
    As Florida students enjoy a break from school this holiday season, Attorney General Pam Bondi is asking parents to talk to their children about cyber safety. According to recent reports, nearly nine out of every 10 teens in Florida have access to a smartphone or tablet with access to the Internet

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    SSHS Project Graduation
    2016 needs your support
    Sponsors are needed for this worthy Non-Profit organization.  Project Graduation is a group of parents who work independently to provide for an all-night Post-Graduation Celebration for the high school graduating Seniors in our community.  With family, friends and community support, we hope to make this years fundraising efforts successful, to encourage full participation with great incentives.  
    Our goal is to provide safety awareness that benefits both our young adults and our community.