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    Thanks for support
    Thanks to all of you who have RSVPed to our event: The Sunshine Awards Dinner - “Celebration of Giving 2015” The response has been good and getting better! We are looking forward to seeing you all there! If you have any questions or comments please respond on our Facebook page or call us at: 352-587-2710
    It’s been a very busy month and we’re looking forward to an even busier 2016! Thanks to all of you who have been following us and please feel free to share our information with your friends, family and coworkers!!

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    Some good news
    Sumter County Florida Animal Advocates has wonderful news to share with everyone that Sumter County Animal Services is now open Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
    You must be escorted by an employee of the Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County, Inc. to visit an animal at Sumter County Animal Services.

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    Unemployment      is a major cause of mental health     problems
    Researchers Paul Karsten and Klaus Moser examined 300 studies of unemployed people and found that unemployed people suffer from more distress than most working people. For example, some French workers were told they were laid off. The workers became so angry they kidnapped their bosses and held them for a ransom.

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    Note of thanks
    The dictionary defines the term statesmen as “a person who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government or in dealing with important public issues”.
    I believe that thefive members of the Sumter County Board of County Commissioners are true statesmen.
    Collectively the Board demonstrated statesmanship with a unanimous vote to allocate county funds to replace the lost Adults with Disabilities Grant funding and restore the SCARC, Inc. Adult Education Program.

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    Safety campaign aims to curb unsafe driving in school zones, neighborhoods

     As 55 million children across the country begin heading back to school, AAA urges motorists to slow down and stay alert in neighborhoods and school zones, and to be especially vigilant for pedestrians during before- and after-school hours.

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    Join the event

    Join Lake-Sumter State College as we recognize a select group of outstanding Alumni and LSSC Hall of Fame recipients who exemplify the college’s excellence through the service they provide to their community and alma mater. Lake-Sumter State College has outstanding faculty and staff members who have excelled in their ability to help others, as well as fulfill the mission of the college.

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    Open Letter to:  Citizens / Residents of Florida
    Within the past years (50+), water management has evolved substantially from the original outline/findings that were submitted to the Florida Legislature.
    The original idea to capture rainfall to replenish the aquifer system seemed far-fetched to great numbers of residents, namely large land owners, real estate brokers and bankers.
    1.  The eventual plan was property tax to support all projects at the same scale regardless of amount of water used.

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    Trick Down Economics?

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    Nice job Times
    As a long time subscriber to electronic editions of local and national newspapers, Sumter County Times should take particular pride in the quality of their digital product.
    For a small newspaper - this competes evenly with the big boys.
    I have a large monitor - 27” - and this paper pops on my screen. Every aspect is remarkably clear - especially the photos.
    Kudos to those involved in publishing such a great product.
    Randy S Mitchell
    The Villages
    Special thanks

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    Zoo seeks support
    The Florida International Teaching Zoo(FITZ) is expanding.
    The focal point of of FITZ’s expansion is the  Free Flight Aviary that will be nearly 6,500 square feet with a maximum height   of 16 feet. The birds, and visiting public are going to love it.