Melon Patch holding audtions for ucpoming play

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Audition Notice
AUDITIONS FOR: Blithe Spirit  March 26-27 @ 7 pm
Directed by Tad Kincade
Assistant Director Thomas John Kline
Stage Manager: Carly Zeuner
Come out and join us for this hilarious comedy.  For auditions, please prepare a one minute comedic monologue.  There will be cold readings from the script after the monologues. 
Ruth Condomine (25-35) Female Lead Spoken
Charles Condomine (25-35) Male Lead Spoken
Elvira Condomine (25-35) Female Lead Spoken
Edith (18 - 25) Female Supporting Spoken
Dr. George Bradman (30-40) Male Supporting Spoken
Mrs. Violet Bradman (30-40) Female Supporting Spoken
Madame Arcati (30-60) Female Supporting Spoken

Show runs -​ May 12, 13, 14; 19, 20, 21; 26, 27 & 28  2017
Set in Kent, England.  English dialect preferred.
Blithe Spirit is set at the house of writer Charles Condomine, and his wife, Ruth. One evening, Charles invites local eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a seance at his house. He asks along his friends Dr. and Mrs. Bradman, intending to gather character inspiration from Madame Arcati for his latest book. Despite initially thinking the seance has been a failure, it soon becomes clear that Madame Arcati has unwittingly brought back Charles’ first wife, Elvira, to haunt him. Once in his house, Elvira is unable to leave and, as she cannot be seen or heard by Ruth, she causes all kinds of mischievous trouble between the married couple. When Elvira unwittingly causes Ruth’s death in her attempts to bring Charles over to be with her, Charles becomes haunted by both of his now-deceased wives. Frustrated by their odd situation, the threesome call on Madame Arcati once more to send Elvira and Ruth back to the other side. Intensely funny and character-driven, Blithe Spirit combines farce, emotion, and wit to great effect.


The Melon Patch Theater is located on 13th Street in Leesburg.  For more information, 787-3013 or www.melonpatchplayers.com