Pine/cypress seedlings available

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Winter 2015-2016 Tree Planting Season


The Florida Forest Service is selling bare root pine and bald cypress seedlings for the December 2015 through February 2016 planting season.  Seedlings purchased now will be held in the nursery beds until delivery is called for.  Early purchasing ensures a supply of seedlings for your reforestation and afforestation needs when all of the seedlings have been sold.  Seedling survival rates are normally highest when the planting is done before Christmas.  Limited numbers of containerized slash pine and longleaf pine are available for summer or winter planting.  Containerized seedlings have their roots in a soil plug about the size of a cigar.    Ordering information can be found at


Contact your Sumter County Forester, Arthur Clothier, at 352-793-2431 or Arthur.Clothier@FreshFromFlorida.com to receive a copy of the seedling brochure and advice on planting and managing your forested land.