Sumter schools surpass state averages

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Sumter County is among the top school districts on state exams, according to the latest wave of preliminary testing information released by the Department of Education.   

The data shows the percent of students proficient by state, district and school.  

These categories show how the students of Sumter performed on the tests compared to all other students in Florida who took the same test.   

Students in Sumter exceeded the state average in grades 3-10 on the English Language Arts FSA, grades 3-7 on the Mathematics FSA, and grades 5 and 8 on the Statewide Science Assessment!  End of Course exam results for Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Biology were also above the state average.  

School Supt. Rick Shirley said, “We are proud of the efforts of our students and staff, and we will continue looking for ways to improve any areas of weakness.”

Ninety-five percent of Sumter’s grade levels ranked in the top 25 districts (of 67) in the state.  The highest ranked grade levels for English Language Arts include: Third Grade- 6th, Fourth Grade- 4th, Fifth Grade- 6th, Sixth Grade-10th, Seventh Grade- 6th, Eighth Grade-14th, Ninth Grade-20th, and Tenth Grade-21th.   The grade levels in the top 25 for Mathematics include: Third Grade-7th, Fourth Grade-8th, and Fifth Grade-8th, Sixth Grade-9th, Seventh Grade-20th, Algebra I-10th, Algebra II-23rd, and Geometry-21st.   Science rankings include Fifth Grade-9th, Eighth Grade 13th, and Biology 24th.   Sumter scores in both Civics and US History End of Course exams were ranked 12th in the state.   

Continued improvement on all state assessments is a priority for the school district.   Some of the district’s highest areas of improvement include: 

Improved 15 percentage points in Algebra 2, with 47 percent of students scoring Level 3 or higher. 

Increased 4 percentage points in Civics and three percentage points in Grades 3-5 Mathematics combined (Florida Standards Assessment and End-of-Course assessments).

Moved up two percentage points in Grades 3-5 English Language Arts and students younger than high school age scoring Level 3 or higher in Algebra 1.

Sumter District Schools’ continued improvement on both the FSA and End of Course Exams is a result of providing professional development in effective teaching strategies and focusing on monitoring student progress.   For more information about the state assessment results please visit: http://fldoe.org/accountability/assessments/k-12-student-assessment/resu...