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  • Granville Beville 2234, Bushnell supports the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service

    The Granville Beville 2234, Bushnell, United Daughters of the Confederacy(R) held their meeting on October 15, 2001 at the home of Jessica Hoag in Bushnell. A poem “The Ghost of Southern Pass”written by: Dianne Drake Boren, Poet Laureate, FL Div 2010-12 UDC was read by Peggy Sloan.

  • Granville Beville chapter updates reenactment events

    On Saturday, Feb. 12, the Granville Beville 2234, Bushnell Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy held a meeting at the First Baptist Church of Bushnell.
    The meeting was attended by Carol Tomlinson, Carolyn Shaw, Jessica Hoag, Peggy Griffin, Peggy Sloan, Deborah Higginbotham, Bettye Jemison, Jewell Stansell, Kathy Black, Megan Black, Belle Phillips, Doris Sue Smith, Bonnie Tenney, Joyce White and Eloise Pitts.
    Bettye Jemison read a poem called “Ghost of Southern Past” by Dianne Drake Boren the Poet Laureate Florida Division 2010-12.

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