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  •   Cozy lantern light, glittery pumpkins and fall leaves - a setting fit for a princess.

    A setting for a princess who did some "shopping" in Cinderella's Closet.

    No mice or lizards or stagecoach pumpkins, but there was plenty of satin and lace, pearls and even fairy godmothers for Sarah Vorobok and other brides who spent some time browsing and selecting in the closet. And for the dozens of young high school teens who selected their prom dress and accessories.

  • Some might say that Lake Panasoffkee retiree Scott Irving is “busy as a bee” these days, but, mostly, it’s the bees keeping him busy.

    For an almost 72-year-old retired automotive mechanic, Irving has gotten himself into a sometimes sticky situation – honey, thousands of pounds and dozens upon dozens of jars of honey. It’s all part of his Riverview Apiaries honey business.

  • By Nancy Kennedy


    When I was about 2 years old, I bopped my baby brother with a wooden hammer and once put a wad of gum in my sister’s hair.
    I was part of a group of kids who called a girl in our neighborhood “fungus face,” and in eighth grade I spread vicious rumors about a girl who I thought stole my boyfriend.

    Once I shoplifted a bottle of Compound W wart remover and a Yardley Lip Slicker lipstick from Thrifty Drug Store. 

  • "I want the city to know they've got this hero living here," said Donna Muller of Bushnell.

    "I'm not a hero," responded her husband, Wayne.

    The simple fact that even co-workers had no idea of Muller's background attests to the fact that Muller doesn't think what he did was worth mentioning. 

  •   In Florida and throughout the U.S., flu activity is on the rise. In Sumter County we are currently seeing an increase in flu activity.


    Guest Speaker - Fred Gibbons, Compass HRM



    Thge first  Lunch Exchange of 2018 is set, with guest speaker Fred Gibbons, Compass HRM.

    The discussion centered session will focus on:



  •  Just over three years ago, Mary Virga moved to Louisville Ky. from Oxford.

    She had spent decades living in Sumter County and 23 years working for the Sumter County Sheriff's Office.

    "She started out as my secretary," but pursued and obtained certification in law enforcement, said retired Sumter County Sheriff Jamie Adams.

    "She was a great lady. She was very instrumental in helping me get elected," he said.

    Virga, 81, died Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017.

  •  Please include with this application a printed sheet briefly telling the story of the item: its origin/history, creative inspiration, details about pattern, color, fabric, and other interesting facts. Please credit pattern designer, class instructor, published books or patterns used – if known. Participants must supply their own quilt rack or use Park’s metal tables for display of quilted item(s).