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  • Don't Be a Lightning Rod


    A lightning storm is one of the most dramatic shows of nature. You may feel like rushing outside to experience the blinding bolts, with the loud CRACKs and rumbles of surround-sound thunder following close behind.

    But don’t.

    Lightning is dangerous. Stay inside.

    Each year there are around 25 million lightning flashes in the United States. That’s a lot of chances to be a lightning victim. Although most people who are struck by lightning survive, many are badly injured, some permanently.

  • 2012 FCAT Results - Sumter

    The Sumter school district is ranked in the top sixteen on the 2012 FCAT Reading, Writing, Math and Science assessments for the following grade levels and subjects:
    Rank  Grade/Subject   Percent Proficient
    2nd in state Eighth Grade Writing  3.6 mean prompt score
    3rd in state Fourth Grade Writing  3.4 mean prompt score
    5th in state Fifth Grade Reading  71 percent
    7th in state Fourth Grade Math  69 percent

  • Taking on solar power at South Sumter Middle

    Eighth grade students at South Sumter Middle School are getting a good taste of the “eco” issues of our world and a good handle on race car driving – or at least, solar power model racing.
    Kevin Strickland and other physical science teachers at the school hosted solar car races on Friday, March 2.
    The races began at 11 a.m. and ended a unit of study on alternative types of energy. 

  • Seuss on the loose

    Yes! Yes! At BES, could you guess?
    Yes! Yes! He’s on the loose, that man we know, that Dr. Seuss!
    Rhyming verse and equation, sparking each imagination…
    Silly cat and counted fish, hatching egg and balanced dish,
    Why fun is found in every book! See there, just look! It’s green eggs and ham they cook!
    And on it goes as a week of rhyme and imagination fill the classrooms at Bushnell Elementary School – just one of several campuses across the nation to take part in the annual birthday celebration of the late Dr. Seuss.

  • Sumter students move on to district competition in March

    The Sumter County Spelling Bee was held on Feb. 9.
    The top students from the school spelling bees participated. The following students represented the schools:
    Karsyn Hogan — Bushnell Elementary School
    Tristan Lamaire — Bushnell Elementary School
    Arvin Hariprashad — Lake Panasoffkee Elementary School
    Kera Webb — Lake Panasoffkee Elementary School
    Alyssa McCoy — South Sumter Middle School
    Justin Null — South Sumter Middle School
    Kyle Fox — The Villages Charter School

  • Webster Elementary Olympics

    Webster Elementary School’s fourth annual Olympics were filled with a blend of fun and competition.
    This year’s winter event had holiday themes as kindergartners, first graders, and second graders competed in races and games like Reindeer Run, Snowball Chase, and Feed the Reindeer. Grades 3 through 5 took a more athletic focus in the form of mile relays, dodge ball, and tug of war.