Today's Opinions

  • Why we're pink

    The Sumter County Times has a new look this week. This Oct. 4 edition of the Times is “in the pink.” The entire newspaper is printed on pink newsprint as part of our recognition and support of the fight against breast cancer.
    The front page of this week’s paper is dedicated to that recognition and the brave women who have faced the disease.
    Breast cancer has touched many lives, not only the lives of the individuals dealing with the illness, but also the lives of caring friends and relatives.

  • Letters to the editor

    There he goes again!
    In the first so called “stimulus” the former “community activist, Jr. Senator and current occupier of the Whitehouse, bypassed the American “workers” and gave those “stimulus” dollars to “big business; Banks, Insurance companies & the auto industry with no effect on jobs or the economy!
    Now the former “community activist, Jr. Senator and current occupier of the Whitehouse is going to print more money to do what, buy bonds! Again bypassing the American worker!

  • Will you help them?

    Become a Guardian ad Litem
    Hundreds of children are removed from their homes every year in Marion, Hernando, Lake, Sumter and Citrus counties, due to alleged abuse, neglect or abandonment.
    They are now part of the dependency court proceedings and they need someone who will speak up for them.
    And, that’s where a court appointed Guardian ad Litem (GAL) can advocate for them.

  • Letters to the editor

    This word is used to mean different things. A sports commentary said, “The Valencia team imposes its pragmatism in El Sadar,” meaning that it applied every effective means to achieve a positive result. In this sense, pragmatism could be understood as the tendency to adjust to actual circumstances.
    We could distinguish two sides to this term—a philosophical pragmatism and a relativistic, or vulgar, pragmatism.

  • Don't forget to visit your local library

    September is Library Card Sign-up Month, a time when the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country remind parents and caregivers that a library card is the smartest card you can own.
    And in Sumter County, there are plenty of opportunities to vist a local library from the north end of the county to the south end .

  • Letters to the editor

    Not about curing
    Make no mistake; so-called health care in America is not about curing anything. It is only about managing many different kinds of symptoms (that a person may experience at a given time) that have been conveniently named and classified for us — from a sore throat and runny nose to aches and pains (arthritis), to cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc.

  • Oh where Center Hill could go ...

    It would be great to see a farmers’ market flourish in Center Hill. The aging city has such a unique downtown area that deserves a shot in the arm, and a farmers’ market could do it or at the very least, spark some interest in the city.
    Center Hill has one of the oldest, deepest and richest histories in the county.
    Touted as the one time “green bean capital of the world,” the community knew a commerce and traffic in those early days that would surprise many.

  • Letters to the editor

    The real threat to Medicare
    To the Editor:     
    In a shameful effort at courting senior voters, President Obama’s campaign has gnarled and garbled the facts on Medicare, painting Mitt Romney and Ryan as the healthcare boogeyman. But underneath the veneer, the truth of the matter is this: If any one poses a threat to Medicare, it’s the President.