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  • Experiment with law enforcement

    The Bushnell City Council decided Monday night to dismantle its police department and let the sheriff’s office provide law enforcement within the city limits.
    It wasn’t an easy decision for city leaders, but, it’s probably going to turn out to be a smart move.
    Of course, there is no way to know that until months after the switch is made.
    It can be viewed as an experiment that has every indication of turning out fine.

  • Letters to the editor

    Want change?
    Achieving meaningful change in Washington, D.C. requires many more thinking citizens to vote in the primaries. In gerrymandered states Texas (Texas is typical of the other states), the November general election results are largely determined by the results in the primaries months earlier. This is especially true of congresspersons.

  • New doors open in murder case

    There’s excitement brewing about the new scientific information recently obtained by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office concerning the 1971 murder of a young woman whose body was found in swamps under the Lake Panasoffkee bridge on Interstate 75.

  • Letters to the editor

    Governor Scott and the Legislature making sure our votes count

  • Know where to go to vote

    Don’t be disappointedly surprised when you visit your good old voting poll later this year.  It just may not be there. As a matter of fact, chances are very good that it won’t be there.
    With all the redistricting and precinct changes that have happened during the past two years, it’s very likely that your location for voting has been changed.
    Since the last major election, the polls have been consolidated by the Supervisor of Elections Office. More than half of the voting locations have been eliminated.

  • Letters to the editor

    Contact your
    This year the candidates for president will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising. One telling us of the heroic things he has done and the other telling us of the miraculous things he will do. Almost everything President Obama takes credit for had to be passed by Congress. The promises made by candidate Romney must be made law by Congress to be fulfilled. The president can only veto a law; he cannot pass one.

  • Plan to celebrate at Dade Park

    Throughout the decades, Sumter County has not exactly been known for its great 4th of July celebrations. For many residents, celebrating the holiday with a picnic and a fireworks display has meant packing up the family, getting in the car and driving out of the county.
    For some reason, attempts to provide a celebration that would attract a large amount of county residents just has never been very successful.
    In recent years, attempts haven’t even been made.

  • Letters to the Editor - June 14, 2012

    Note of thanks
    On behalf of Geraldine Brannen’s family, we would like to thank everyone that has helped us through this difficult time. Thank you for the donations made to Gerrie’s favorite charities and for all of the wonderful food and expressions of condolences we have received.