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  • Be careful with fires

    Sumter County is a high risk for wildfires as drought conditions continue through Central Florida.
    TheDepartment of Agriculture and Consumer Services  is offering five tips for protecting homes during wildfire season.
    The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Florida Forest Service are trying to help Floridians protect themselves against the dangers of wildfire.
    The agencies remember the wildfires that raged through Florida in 1998, burning more than 500,000 acres and damaging or destroying 337 homes and other structures.

  • Letters to the editor

    Is Affordable Care Act
    What if the Constitution really did give Congress Unlimited Power?

  • Sheriff warns of additional scams

    Last week, The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office warned citizens of the grandparent or grandchild scam. Since then, we have received calls of two other scams and incidents that the sheriff wants to make sure citizens are aware of.
    The first is tax scams. Taxpayers should be extra cautious this time of year to protect themselves from becoming victims. The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office has received several identity-theft tax reports.

  • Letters to the editor

    Alternate sources of energy are here, have been
    There are a proven alternate sources of energy here today that have been around for over 10 years which are solar and wind power. There are small communities around the United States, around the world and there are even some homes here in Florida as well using these alternate sources of energy.

  • Was an investigation of Bushnell Police Department necessary?

    It’s almost as if battle lines are being drawn in Bushnell.  The recent investigation of the city police department definitely has the community buzzing. It also has it divided.
    Some residents are supportive of the investigation and cast a critical finger at former Police Chief Joyce Wells and her officers while others are strong supporters of Wells, who retired as police chief last week, as results of the city-ordered investigation were revealed.

  • Letters to the editor

    Thank you
    Lt. Caruthers and I would like to thank the following people that came out to help us raise money and awareness for Special Olympics Florida. We raised an enormous $944.65. Every one that was involved with the Tip a Cop at TGI Fridays at Lake Sumter Landing worked very hard and deserves a pat on the back because of you we have made a difference. I hope all of you take the opportunity to come and help with the next Tip a Cop!
    All of The Special Olympics Sumter County Athletes
    D/S Terri Appel
    D/S Michael Callaway
    D/S Joel Mullins

  • Electronics win over tradition

    It’s possible to be nostalgic about something you never had, and plenty of people are feeling that right now. Even if your family didn’t have the prestigious 32-volume Encyclopedia Britannica in your home — housed in its own special book rack, of course — you probably knew someone who had it. And maybe you were fortunate enough to spend many wonderful youthful hours lost in the worlds and ideas carefully explained and painstakingly illustrated in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

  • Letters to the editor

    The Shell Game
    President Obama gets up in front of his mindless followers and says “politicians dust off their 3-point plans for $2 gas. ... then typically what you’ll hear from them is, well, if we just drilled more for oil.” They yell and clap their hands, all the while, blindly believing in his every word without doing any research or fact finding.