Today's Opinions

  • Spring begins

    My calendar has informed me of the official beginning of this refreshing season, although I’ve felt it outside for a few weeks now. As a Floridian, I know spring will be short but it will also be time to break out of your everyday routine, release some stress, get out of the office and experience nature in Florida’s state parks.

  • Letters to the editor

    Independents may have huge impact
    If you are an Independent voter, affiliated with neither the Republican nor Democratic party, you and your vote will be wooed in the months leading up to the November general election. As a voting group Independents may have a huge impact on whether a Democrat or a Republican is elected to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives for the next two years. Still, that may result in no change in the makeup of congress! Your participation in the general election may not be enough to bring about any change.

  • Recent cemetery vandalism is a disgrace

    Whether they were merely insensitive kids playing a prank or thwarted adults making a statement, the recent vandalism of 14 Jewish gravestones at Florida National Cemetery is a disgrace.
    The cemetery is the burial grounds for military veterans who served this country. The graves belong to men and women who fought in wars to protect America and its freedom; not only did the veterans fight in wars, many of those buried at the cemetery died fighting for that cause.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 8, 2012

    New football/cheerleading season

  • Atwater warns consumers of unclaimed property scam

    Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater today warned consumers about an emerging scam related to the retrieval of unclaimed property. A company calling themselves The Florida Department of Financial Restitution has been contacting consumers claiming to be on contract with CFO Atwater’s Department of Financial Services and offering to reunite them with unclaimed property for an upfront fee of $600. 

  • Letters to the editor

    Dear Friends,
    We are currently updating our mailing list.
    If you have paid the annual membership dues for 2012 we would like to thank you!
    If you have not paid this year’s dues, please contact Patrician Tills at 793 2007 or go to the library to renew your membership. If we do not hear from you before March 31, your name will be removed from our mailing list.

  • Some kudos for the county administrator

    County Administrator Bradley Arnold deserves some credit for his reluctance to continue on with the way the county has been expending funds to provide local mental health care.
    The issue came to light last year during budget workshops when LifeStream Behavioral Center submitted its typical budget request to the county seeking $90,000 in county matching funds to provide the county’s required financial contribution for providing mental health care.

  • Letters to the Editor - February 23, 2012

    Is the Obama administration budget reality or rhetoric?
    The Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 and the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 require the president to submit to Congress an annual budget outlining proposed revenue and spending allocations for the federal government.